The supplement we swear by for volleyball players

If you've ever gone to the supplement aisle at whole foods or GNC there's more to choose from than Taylor Swift has ex's.  It also seems over the years supplements have gotten weirder and weirder, why would I want to take "essence of goat hair?"  We do know different supplements work for different people but were about to tell you the #1 supplement we swear by.

Ready for it....

It's liquid magnesium taken either in the morning or night.  We mix it with water and mio because it tastes awful (I think that means it's working).

Click the link below to see the exact stuff we purchase.  We are not affiliates with the brand, we just genuinely love this.  This bottle lasts for about 3 weeks to a month. 

Why do we swear by this magic elixir?  Well since we started taking it about 2 years ago WE ARE NEVER SORE!  I'm not kidding, never.  There is a little bit of a build up period, I'd say 2 weeks before you start seeing the effects.  Also you do have to mix it with a glass of water and some mio because you will gag if you take it straight.  Do not recommend.

Ok to the science, why would taking liquid magnesium work to prevent sore muscles?  Magnesium is essential for proper muscle function and a deficiency can cause cramped, sore or tight muscles.  Basically your muscles get pissed if they don't have the essential element to operate correctly.

Your muscles not only need magnesium to function they need it to relax.  Imagine if after game time your muscles just stayed contracted.  Hello extra tightness and soreness.

There is also research that shows magnesium can actually IMPROVE your athletic performance.  Studies show increased strength and power of individuals who have adequate magnesium levels.

Why can't I just eat better and get my magnesium that way?  Well as much as we'd love getting our nutrients from food only, our American diet doesn't allow for it.  We would have to constantly munch down on pumpkin seeds and spinach to get the levels we need.

Well what about Epsom salt baths?  Yes getting magnesium transdermal (through your skin) is also an effect method.  However as lovely as drawing yourself a long luxurious bath sounds we don't always have the time.  Taking the liquid every morning with some water and flavoring does the same thing in a fraction of the time.

So there you have it, our little secret to never being sore again.  If you want to read about more supplements and optimization techniques for women volleyball players click here to join our group!

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