About Us


For Beach People By Beach People

Hi we're Jessica and Stephanie the founders and owners of ShocSox.  It has been our mission since we've founded ShocSox to help more people get outside.

We believe the more people who develop a love for the outdoors the more they will come to care about the planet.

In order to support our mission we create functional socks for the outdoors made with sustainable materials.

We love the beach and we hope we can inspire a couple more people to want to save it.

Owners of ShocSox
Sustainable sand socks


Functional, Fashionable and Sustainable

ShocSox is not just about making great looking socks it's also about making those socks as eco friendly and functional as possible.  

We strive to eliminate things like plastics or non-recycled materials.  That's why our packaging is 100% plastic free.

Everything we make has been tested and tested again by the athletes they are made for.  If it's not as great as it could be, we change it.